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Trinidad Scorpion Butch-T

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We got this on the internet a couple of years ago. Their shape is not very consistent from one plant to another but they all taste the same -- Clearly just like Butch Taylor's Trinidad Scorpion strain. Very productive plants and fun to grow, you'll have plenty of fruits if you follow our simple How to grow super hot peppers guideline. 


Since it's not fully stable , results may vary from growing conditions and strain's kinky genetics -- shape, color, pungency. Just be aware of it.. But hey ! Exclusive peppers are fun to grow and ..Scorching HOT ! 


Capsicum Chinense
Germination rate @ 80'F / 95% humidity:  85% +
Days to germinate : 6 to 25 days
Days from seed until first crop : 120 


Pack contents 10 seeds +

This is from the best selected pods of our organic garden - picked fully ripe and seeds naturally dried. 

No pesticides, no chemicals -- just love !

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