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About the seeds - 
Our available seeds come only from our own production and our partner's crop. We only sell seeds from peppers we grow ourself because we care about quality control and results.

All seeds are hand picked from the best looking pods, dried carefully to the right temperature and saved for you guys to grow.


About packaging - 
Seeds are packed in a small zip bag by packs of 10 seeds. Each zip bag is then packed in a small envelope with ID. When you order, we pack your order in a air mail bubble envelope so you can receive your product without any damage. 


About shipping-
All orders are process your order within 1-4 days from ordering. We use Canada Post / USPS in all our procedures. If a tracking number is provided, you will be noticed of it by email. 


What if there is something wrong with the product -
You received a damaged product or there was an error with your order? Please feel free to email us and we will take care of it very fast !! Send us you full name, phone number, issue you are contacting us for etc.


About returns and refunds
Unfortunately since our products are food grade we do not take returns. If there is a problem whatsoever we will take care of your customer satisfaction but we can not accept returns or refunds.