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Carolina Reaper Variant BX seeds

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Everyone knows the Carolina Reaper ! The world's hottest pepper according to it's creator and the Guinness Book of Records. Ranging above 1.5 million SHU , this pepper will blow your mind -- and your stomach, guts and.. you know ! 

Our Reapers are grown in Southeast Canada so you may find it a bit less pungent than the original Reaper. Still inconsistent pod shapes. If you want the original Carolina Reaper from it's creator Mr. Ed Currie, you should have a look at The Puckerbutt Pepper Company.


This pepper is from pheno selection on various pods having the same shapes. As this F2 stage, all plants have massive pepper production, all fruits are bumpy medium shaped with solid placenta inside.  This is not your average classic Carolina reaper ball shape with stinger. It might have crossed with other C. Chinense in our organic garden. Very hot... as usual.

Since it's not fully stable yet, results may vary from growing conditions and strain's kinky genetics -- shape, color, pungency. Just be aware of it.. But hey ! Exclusive peppers are fun to grow and ..Scorching HOT ! 


Capsicum Chinense
Germination rate @ 80'F / 95% humidity:  85% +
Days to germinate : 6 to 25 days
Days from seed until first crop : 120 

Pack contents 10 seeds +

This is from the best selected pods of our organic garden - picked fully ripe and seeds naturally dried. 

No pesticides, no chemicals -- just love !

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