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MegaDeath MDX cross "SL"

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MEGADEATH -- looks scary ? We hope so because you have something to fear ! Made 3 years ago from a cross between a Carolina Reaper and a Bhut Jolokia "Naga cross" of our own, this new pepper is still under development. We are very very excited to release some seeds to the public in a very limited amount and short period to fund the development of new strains.

As this F3 stage, all plants have long shape pods, some with stingers and some without or small hooks. all pods are very bumpy with lots of pimples --- inside is oily as fck -- tastes fruity with very small amount of bitterness. Heat is world class with a solid tongue burn that creeps down in the throat.  

Since it's not fully stable yet, results may vary from growing conditions and strain's kinky genetics -- shape, color, pungency. Just be aware of it.. But hey ! Exclusive peppers are fun to grow and ..Scorching HOT ! 


Capsicum Chinense
Germination rate @ 80'F / 95% humidity:  85% +
Days to germinate : 6 to 25 days
Days from seed until first crop : 120 


Pack contents 10 seeds +

This is from the best selected pods of our organic garden - picked fully ripe and seeds naturally dried. 

No pesticides, no chemicals -- just love !

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