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Peruvian Rocoto

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Straight from Peru ! This pepper is from the Capsicum Pubescens family -- due to it's hairy leaves. The Rocoto is a large pepper, round in shape and looks like a small tomato. It's taste is VERY sweet and twitch the tip of the tongue with a black pepper feeling. It's heat is MEDIUM probably around 100,000 shu from our taste evaluation. Very nice alternative to the jalapeño to make cream cheese stuffed poppers. 

The plant is fairly fragile to wind and requires more attention than other superhot peppers . You need to fertilize a bit more since it tends to be very hungry. This plant can live very long and resists to cold temperatures above freezing point. 

Seeds are black 


Capsicum Pubescens
Germination rate @ 80'F / 95% humidity:  65% +
Days to germinate : 6 to 25 days
Days from seed until first crop : 120 

Pack contents 10 seeds +

This is from the best selected pods of our organic garden - picked fully ripe and seeds naturally dried. 

No pesticides, no chemicals -- just love !

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