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How to grow super hot peppers from seeds

Allright so you bought some super hot pepper seeds ...great !!!! The following tips are suitable for the first time growers and may be useful for the more experienced gardeners who would like to tweak their chilli experience. 

Growing hot peppers tips

ID stuff up

First things first, you need to identify and keep track of what you will be growing. It seems obvious but plants can get mixed up and you'll end up not knowing what you are actually growing. If you only have one strain that's less of a problem but like most chiliheads, you'll probably grow more than you can actually consume in a year !!!

Chose your growing medium

You can grow in various medium with many types of irrigation method, nutrients, lighting etc etc etc. If you don't know what to chose , I suggest you have a couple of days of reading and internet research. There is way more out there than simple in-soil gardening. Most advanced techniques are on the "dark side" of growing ... leaded by medicinal plant with recreative potency, if you know what I mean.

Plan you growing season

Depending on whether you live in a warm country or a cold country (like us here at you may want to start your seedlings inside your house a couple of months prior the last frost. Superhot peppers especially Capsicum Chinense family like most of our strains are really long to grow unlike Capsicum Annuum or Fruitescen. Bell peppers are as easy to grow as tomatoes or any other vegetables because their grow cycle is super fast. Super hot peppers are slower -- Calculate 260 days from sowing your first seed to the end of the season. If you're lucky enough you'll have 3 flowerings with full fruit maturation.